President Message

It is my privilege to be born in India and in a village, where I got present to the world of Gautam Budha, King Ashok and Gandhi who told that the development of India lies in the development of its villages and its people. I got present to what each of us can do to fulfil this dream of Indian Culture and Civilisation in my endeavour to bring a change in lifestyle of Indian people Ashok Sansthan came into existence. It was only dedicated teamwork that what goal and vision were put forth  were reached in scheduled time and we were able to present our achievement in form of technologies, most appropriate and sustainable in nature, which brought change in the life of our target community. We have worked in the field of Appropriate Technologies, Science and Space application, Biodiversity, germplasm collection and deposited in National Gene Bank-NBPGR, Climate Change, Sanitation & Health, Environment, Education, Urban Poverty Alleviation, Income generation programmes & several others were send for exposure and training on different issues of importance.

My request to every individual is only this much that we should stop complaining about what could be done by others and began thinking what we can do in order to bring a developmental change to the suffering humanity on the planet which is our common future, as it is the Individual who forms the society which in turns forms the nation. So the process of change is sustainable when it follows the Individual to collective path. One should practice self control and discipline in order to give command to others. We should follow oneness in our word, thought and action.
- Narendra Kumar Rai.