List of Ongoing Projects of Ashok Sansthan, Kundesar, Ghazipur, U.P. India-223327

Sl. No Name of the Project Objectives Target Beneficiaries Sources of Fund/Project Activity wise Period of Execution Benefit Accural
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
01 Soya Cow SC-20 Plant & Machinery Training 00,30 NRDC, Govt. Of India, New Delhi 2006 till now 00,30
02 Soya Cow deodourization / Tofu / Soya Paneer Plant & Machinery Training 00,30 NRDC, Govt. Of India, New Delhi 2007 till now 00,30
03 Soya fortified Biscuit I 3 forum Training 00,30 NRDC, Govt. Of India, New Delhi 2008 till now 00,30
04 VRC-Village Resource Centre . Plant & Machinery & Satellite connectivity INSAT 3 A,EDUSAT Monday to Saturday 10.Am to Tele-medicine, Tele- agriculture Tele- Education Weather e-governance 24 Villages ISRO , Govt. Of India,Department of Space,Banglore 2008 till now 24 villages
05 Library cum Reading room for Children, Women & Senior citizen To create a learning society Children, Women & Senior citizen of 24 villages RRLF,Govt of India, Ministry of Culture, Kolkata 2009 till now 24 villages
06 Software embedded embroidery Training Rural women’s of Dhoolpet, Hyderabad, AP-06 NRDC, Govt. Of India, New Delhi 2010-11 till now 380 Families
07 MoRD-TISA Academy SGSY Project To train & employ rural youths BPL youths of Ghazipur, Varanasi, Mirzapur, Ballia & Jaunpur MoRD & Tops Grup International Security Academy 2011-12 till now 400 Families
08 IRRI-NFSM collaborative Paddy Demonstration To demonstrate Suwarna Sub & Shushka Samrat Farmers of Ghazipur District CGIAR-IRRI 2012-13 281 Farmers

To increase the employment and entrepreneurship activity in Ghazipur district, NRDC and Ashok Sansthan sets up a Soya training centre at Kundesar, the area is rich in soybean production. The plant was set up in a phase manner in first phase Soya cow SC-20 plant and machinery was set up to train and guidance to start a soya related business. In second phase, Soya cow deodorization / Tofu Plant & Machinery were set up to take out the smell from the milk. The youths are successfully trained how to make a tofu/Paneer out of milk.

In third phase, Soya fortified Biscuit plant and machinery was set up. The youths were trained how to make a biscuit with soybean.

Ashok Sansthan is successfully running this program for the last 5 years those who are interested in training can enrol in advance.

Ashok Sansthan has set up a VRC Village Resource Centre with the Collaboration from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) Department of Space, Bangalore. ISRO has provided plant & machinery and satellite connectivity which provide free of cost services like Tele-medicine, Tele-agriculture, Education, Weather and E-governance. The program runs 5 days in a week from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It has benefitted hundreds of people in the region.

To increase the reading and learning habit in the people, Ministry of Culture has set up a library facility at Kundesar since 1985 since then Ashok Sansthan has been activity promoting reading habits through their library. Ashok Sansthan has more than 50000 books, thousands of journals, magazine’ literatures-books and e-magazine etc.

Ashok Sansthan has set up a regional office at dhoolpet, Hyderabad, A.P. Ashok Sansthan has been actively with rehabilitation activity. Today when our country India is considered as pioneer among developing countries, places like Dhoolpet in well governed state of Andhra Pradesh in the state Capital of Hyderabad attract the commitment of all developing functionaries as this place is not far than 4 K.M. from State headquarters.

Dhoolpet area in Asifnagar Mandal of Hyderabad District in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is notorious for manufacture and sale of illicit liquor. The residents are indulged in ID crime for their livelihood and it has become a regular profession for them. There are certain families which have given up the said unlawful activity and are in search of alternate livelihood.

Inside a sincere commitment to bring a difference in the life of People of Dhoolpet Govt of Andhra Pradesh with the assistance of Prohib. & Excise Department A.P. and District Administration Hyderabad and Ashok Sansthan ( With its 02 Training and Demonstration Centre) NGO’s working under the supervision of the office of Excise Superintendent Dhoolpet ,the government have decided to discourage and dissuade the residents of Dhoolpet from pursuing the activity of illicit liquor and motivate them to relinquish in the same.

Through Intervention of Appropriate Technology, having potential of commercialization and sustainability is the need of hour We therefore want to set a pilot project at our centre, with one Machine and software to facilitate the beneficiaries to its maximum potential. Already previous year NRDC had sanctioned Rs 2,00,000 for the purchase of One Brother Innovis1500 & PE designer Software for the Cause but due to its vast implementation and utility we have worked out that a well structured training program should be conducted further, which should be interlinked with marketing and thrift awareness programs so we have come out with the present proposal.

Under the scheme SGSY of MORD, Ashok Sansthan in collaboration with Tops International Security Academy has set up a training centre of Security Guards. Under this scheme training will be provided to the youths of BPL preferably and general category for two weeks and then candidates will be placed anywhere in India. The training and placement will be free of cost, those who are interested can enroll in advance. Youths from Ghazipur, Ballia, Jaunpur, Varanasi & Mirzapur has been trained and placed successfully.

Under the scheme NFSM, National Food Security Mission, Ashok Sansthan in collaboration with CGIAR-IRRI, International Rice Research Institute to demonstrate paddy varities in Ghazipur district. The two types of varieties are in demo i.e. Suwarna Sub & Shushka Samrat. The project is carried out in the 300 acres of lands covering 281 farmers. The farmers have been provided with all the inputs and consultancy for paddy variety.

IRRI-NFSM Collaborative Paddy Demonstration Ashok Sansthan has successfully completed IRRI-NFSM Collaborative Paddy Demonstration for the year 2012-13. Please find the farmers details and technical data of the project.