Our Approach

A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.

To work with the poor and excluded in their struggle to eradicate poverty, patriarchy and injustice.

We are rooted with communities and social formations and aspire to learn from people’s actions and build on alternatives emanating from people’s own experiences.
- Partnerships with community based formations, social movements and other social organisations:
We focus on building partnerships with groups/ individuals directly involved in the struggle of the dispossessed communities and the community of NGOs who share a common vision. Where partnership with local NGOs is not possible, we may choose to work directly, through our direct initiatives
- Strategic engagement with the State:
We work with alliances of the dispossessed to carry out a dialogue with the state to evolve appropriate policies. We also work with the State to generate alternatives and policies through joint action based on the principles of ‘Cooperate where you can, resist where you must’
-Engaging with youth and youth-led organizations:
Young people are drivers of change. We engage and work with students’ unions and youth clubs with shared values in building opinions on critical issues and invite them to join as volunteers, nurture their potential to be active leaders in a social transformation process.
- Media and communications:
We recognize that media is diverse in nature and hence need an open and varied approach. We develop strategic partnership with media personnel on the issues of the dispossessed.
- Building Knowledge partnerships:
We strive to evolve as a knowledge-activist organization with decentralised yet connected knowledge hubs which will contribute to contemporary social movements and struggles by conducting research, documentation, bringing out regular policy briefs and by planning and designing campaigns.
-Humanitarian Response for people affected by natural and human made disasters:
India is one of the most disaster prone countries of the world. Ashok Sansthan works with affected people from the most excluded and vulnerable communities and remote areas that are left out from the mainstream relief efforts. Women and children are at the core of our humanitarian work.