03 Video films are produced by the following agencies:-

1-Ashok Sansthan experience in the field of Appropriate Technologies-CAPART-Ministry of Rural Development,Govt.of India,Produced by Mr.G.Manimaren,Chennai.

2-Ashok Sansthan experience in the field of Literacy-Title-Jung-MHRD-Directorate of Adult Education,Govt.of India,Department of Alternat Schooling and Literacy, Produced by Shaily Suman Productions ,D-48,Kalkaji,New Delhi-110048.

3-Ashok Sansthan experience for Doordarshan-Title-Amazing Science-Directed by Mahesh Bhatt ,Produced by Shaily Suman Productions D-48,Kalkaji,New Delhi-110048,in 04 episode.