Management Body

1. Admission and Qualification Of Members:
The President of the Foundation will nominate 10 members for a period of 5 years from different regions, including educationists, scientists, engineers, administrators, doctors, lawyers, writers, industrialists and social workers, who can devote time for promoting the vision and mission, giving proper representation to women. These members will be eligible for re-nomination. Every person shall, on becoming a member of the Foundation, sign the roll of members of the Foundation to be kept in bound register.

2. Cessation of Membership:
The President may, at any time in consultation with the Vice-President by notice in writing, require a member including an office bearer to withdraw from the Foundation and the person so required to withdraw shall not later than one month from such notice being given, cease to be a member.

3. Resignation from membership shall be tendered to the President of the Foundation by registered post and it shall take effect forthwith.

4. The Management Body will meet at least twice in a Month. It shall be necessary to give at least five days notice for calling the meeting of the Foundation. The Annual General Meeting shall ordinarily be held in the month of March every year at which the Annual Report along with audited statement of accounts shall be adopted and appointment of auditors made for the next financial year

5. The President shall preside over the meetings. In his/her absence the Vice President will preside over the meetings and if he/she too is not available, the General Body may elect one of its members as the Chairperson for the meeting.

6. Quorum And Notice Of Meeting:
The quorum for holding a meeting of the Foundation shall be 1/3rd of the total members. No quorum shall be required in the case of an adjourned meeting.

7. Voting:
Unless otherwise provided by the bye-laws, all disputed questions at a meeting shall be determined by vote. Each member of the Foundation or of the Managing Body, as the case may be, present at the meeting shall have one vote and the majority vote shall prevail. In case of equality of votes, the President shall have a casting vote.

Powers and Duties of Office Bearers:
1. President:
There shall be President of the organisation; he shall be the head of the organization. He/she shall preside over all the meetings of the General Body and Governing Body of the organisation.

2. Vice President:
The Foundation shall elect from amongst its members a Vice-President, shall work for the functioning of the foundation. He shall preside over the meetings; organize events in the absence of President.

3. Treasurer:
The organisation shall elect Cashier from amongst the members of the Executive Body. She/he shall be responsible for:-
(a) The supervision and control of the accounts. He/ She shall operate the Bank accounts of the organisation jointly with a person or persons as may be appointed by the Governing Body.
(b) The proper auditing of the accounts periodically by an Auditor from amongst registered Chartered Accountants.
(d) He/ She shall arrange for the proper custody of all movable and immovable property, moneys, securities and investment of the organisation.
(e) Account shall be operated jointly by the President, secretary and Cashier Jointly in nationalized bank. 

4. Secretary:
1. There shall be a Secretary of the organisation.
2. The Secretary shall subject to such directions as the President may like to give in this regard, convene meetings of the Foundation and its Management Body, circulate agenda and maintain records of the proceedings of these meetings. He/she shall see that decision of the Foundation and the Management Body are implemented and shall make a report to this effect at the next meeting of the organisation/or Management Body, as the case may be.
3. The Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of the records of the Foundation.
4. He shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be conferred upon him by the Rules and Regulations or as the Foundation may from time to time determined by resolutions.
5. He shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the different institutions under the control and supervision of the Foundation.
6. Subject to the powers and functions of the Cashier as defined above, he shall satisfy himself that all moneys are expended for the purpose for which they are granted, sanctioned or allotted.

5. Legal Proceedings:
The Foundation may sue or be sued in the name of Secretary and/or such person/persons as shall be appointed by the Management Body for the occasion as per provisions laid down under the Societies Registration Act.

6. Finance And Accounts:
1. Audit Of Accounts
The Accounts of the Foundation shall be kept in the form and on the lines laid down by the Management Body and shall be audited regularly/annually by a firm of Chartered Accountants appointed by the Foundation.
2. All moneys received from and on behalf of the Foundation shall be paid in the appropriate account in the Bank/Banks approved by the Management Body.
3. Except for small bills amounting to less than Rs. 5000/- all payments would be made by cheque’s and proper receipts taken.
4. Financial Year
The financial year of the Foundation shall be 1st April to 31st March.
5. The annual accounts and balance sheet of the Foundation as prepared by the Auditors, along with audit report, shall be submitted to the Management Body.
6. Source Of Funds and Utilization 
The Foundation shall accept grants and donations from Government and non Government organization and the public. The funds of the Foundation shall be employed solely for the purpose and objects of the Foundation.
7. Operation Of Bank Account
Any amount which is to be withdrawn from the Bank be withdrawn by means of a cheque signed by three persons duly nominated by the Management Body, one of whom shall be the Cashier of the Foundation.

Governing Body
1. Shri. Narendra Kumar Rai: President
2. Mrs. Asha Devi: Treasurer
3. Dr. Viveki Rai: Patron Member, Eminent Poet