Infrastructure of the Organisation

Ashok Sansthan has 3000 sq feet pucca residential office building which is equipped with all modern facilities with wifi connectivity all across campus. The campus is located on the national highway21 is 28 km from Ghazipur district.

Ashok Sansthan has all necessary infrastructure to conduct training and facilitation in the following technologies�

(a)��� Paper Slate
(b)��� Mineralised salt lick for Cattle.
(c)��� Artistic Pottery
(d)��� Motorised Chak, Ball bearing Chak (Potter wheel)
(e)��� Leaf Cup Dona Petals making Machine.
(f)��� Papad Press Machine
(g)��� Solar Candle and manual candle making machine,
(h)��� Jam, jelly, Squash, Murraba, Chutney, Aachar.
(i)��� Low cost housing, Frameless door, Window. Brick Panels, RC Joist
(j)��� Plinth protection techniques, compressed bricks
(k)��� Scientific waste water disposal System for rural conflict resolution.
(l)��� Krishak Bandhu Treadle water pump
(m)��� Fire retardant thatch roof.
(n)��� Mushroom cultivation�
(o)��� Weaving on Tara handloom of Cotton, staple, Tericotton, Silk, Kambal, Dari & Jute etc.
(p)��� Solar Candle.
(q)��� Sanitary toilets.
(r)��� NADEP composting.
(s)��� Sweater Knitting Machine.
(t)��� Soya Milk Soya Paneer/Tofu and Soy fortified biscuit.
(u)��� Yog and Preksha Meditation centre, Anuvrat activities through all programmes.
(v)��� Microsoft accredited Computer Course training centre.
(w)��� Usha affiliated, fashion designing training centre.
(x)��� IGNOU extension training centre on Vocational training programme on Mushroom Cultivation.
(y)��� Accreditation of National Open School NOS under OBE Open Basic Education
(z)��� ISRO VRC�Village Resource centre providing, Tele-education, Tele-medicine, Tele-agriculture, Weather and E-governance etc,
(aa) Software embedded tailoring machine
(ab) Residential training centre of MORD for training and placement of security gaurds.