Mr Narendra Kumar Rai, a science graduate and the founder member has been the architect of ASHOK SANSTHAN. With his sheer commitment, vision and dedicated hard work which was instrumental in establishing ASHOK SANSTHAN as a full fledged professional organization. During his youth Mr Narendra Kumar Rai was exposed to number of organizations and institutions, which were involved in the development of the rural and underprivileged community of the country i.e.NRDC and various CSIR laboratories,MHRD,CAPART, NIRD,NIPCCD,IIPA,EDII,SIDBI,NABARD etc, thus exploring a variety of work cultures, patterns and practices. 

Mr Narendra Kumar Rai 
Gradually, Narendra Kumar Rai and his team nurtured their dream of small developmental intiative,which can yield results with quality; ensure change with dignity; and create the urge for a meaningful life. Soon, he was able to crystallize his ideas and long-term goals. He was firm to keep the scope of his organization wide enough to be able to work with any segment of society. He thus decided to work for the cause of human welfare particularly who are deprived of basic living standards of life by exploring and strengthening their capacities and potentials through result oriented and need based services thus ensuring sustainable changes in the conditions of these sections of the society.

Looking at like minded personalities, he found Mr.Pramod Kumar Rai, Mr Lalan Bihari Rao, Mr. Bansh Narayan Rai, Mr. Suresh Kmar Singh, Mrs Sarita Devi, Mrs.Bharti Devi, Mrs Geetha Devi ,Om Narayan Rai ,Om Prakash Mishra, Sheo Shankar Rai, Mr.Gajadhar Rai, Dr. Viveki Rai, Mr.Sidha Sadan Rai, Md.Khalid Ansari, Mr.Ashok Jaitely, Dr.Arun Sud, Mr. Mohan Lal Gupta, Dr.Jagpal Singh, Dr.Nasim Ahmed, Mr.N.K.Bhandari, Mr.Radheshyam Rai, Dr.P.L.Gautam as strong support and source of great encouragement for his vision to transform into reality in the form of ASHOK SANSTHAN as a secular, democratic; non-political and non-profit organization. It was established on 19th of November 1984 with a profound spirit of National Integration and firm belief in the philosophy of Gautam Budha, King Ashok and Mahatma Gandhi. Committed for change in the life of Rural India the organization paved its way consciously in accordance to its goal and soon became one of the prominent organization in the field of APPROPIRIATE TECHNOLOGY. 

ASHOK SANSTHAN has been working effectively in the field of development specifically in bringing cost effective and sustainable technologies which has bought a remarkable change in the life of poors, the organization got an opportunity to serve and launch many activities through various Ministries under Govt. of India. It also works with women and families in urban slums towards their development and empowerment. All the programmes of ASHOK SANSTHAN have evolved over a period of time based upon the needs and situational demands. Today, ASHOK SANSTHAN is envisaging of making appropriate Technology available to all, ensuring a sustainable development and creating a knowledgeable and sensible society.

Dreams with small initiativeness, leads us to world of creativeness ASHOK SANSTHAN. Initially, served as a laboratory for professionals to test their efficacy of theory into practice in the field of Social work.

More than a decade ASHOK SANSTHAN has crossed infact, reinforced an enormous magnitude of transition in its efforts. ASHOK SANSTHAN literally had no blueprint for development in the  beginning, but over a period of time evolved a comprehensive, multidimensional and an integrated approach with a package of rehabilitation and development programmes addressing the needs and demands of the target community and people in other difficult circumstances. Every year that has gone has given new avenues and new hopes. Each eventful year has bestowed ASHOK SANSTHAN to drive more thrust in its services and the way of functioning. As the years rolled down ASHOK SANSTHAN has become a source of learning in order to serve both practitioners in devlopmental sector as well as the students of social work.