About Us

We are an NGO that is:
- Working in partnership with formations of excluded people, mass movements, knowledge institutions and Government of India, World Bank and their agencies & civil society organisations,
-Standing with people in their struggle towards a world free of poverty, exclusion, patriarchy and injustice,
-Rooted with communities and social formations, learning from people’s actions and building on alternatives,
-Promoting a critical yet constructive engagement with the state to advance and promote peoples’ action for claiming rights,
-Engaged in varied roles, as a support and an implementing agency, which requires us to continuously learn and evolve.
-We want a world without poverty, so we work with local people to fight hunger and poverty, seek justice for the dis- empowered and education for all children.
Where We Work
We work in Uttar Pradesh of India in some of the most under-developed and inaccessible areas where the help is often the last to reach, if at all.